8 mistakes people make when drinking tea

Although preparing a cup of tea may appear quite simple, it takes quite a bit of skill to make the ideal cup. The usual boiling point of water is 212F. Water rarely needs to be heated all the way to boiling. Only robust black tea, rooibos, and specific herbal infusions ought to be cooked to boiling or nearly boiling. Before brewing your tea, make sure to do your study on the appropriate water temperature! Even though you want to get the most flavor out of your tea leaves, over-steeping might make your beverage quite bitter! What fuels the resentment? More tannins are released into the water when the tea steeps for a longer period of time. Tannins are in charge of giving some teas their dark color and bitter flavor. Even worse than oversteepening might be understeepening. Nobody desires a mediocre cup of tea. Before creating your cup, be sure to do your homework on the recommended steeping time. The chart above shows that each tea requires a different amount of time to steep. Although I’m aware that many individuals enjoy a large cup of tea with their breakfast, drinking alcohol with a meal really hinders digestion. Choose to consume your tea either before or after a meal. Tea on an empty stomach can definitely make your stomach feel uncomfortable! White tea is a good choice if you are one of those people who skips breakfast yet needs a hot beverage. White tea is kinder to your stomach than black tea. While I’m not advocating that all teas should be avoided before night, you should always verify the caffeine content first. A large cup of black tea consumed just before bed may make it harder to fall asleep and might possibly keep you awake all night. Before going to bed, choose rooibos or a herbal infusion devoid of caffeine.

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