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8 reason he is not responding to your text quickly

Texting is notoriously difficult for men. But what can the real causes of guys not responding to texts be? Think about the example that follows. This guy and you have been dating for a while. Everything is going smoothly as you make phone calls and exchange messages. He simply stops responding after that. Days pass in solitude while you mull about what happened, and your heart sinks. Can you relate to this in any way? It can hurt when there is this sudden, unexpected calm. But wait, the story isn’t over yet; there’s no need to fall into negative thinking just yet. He might not have responded to your text for any number of reasons. Scroll down to learn why he could not be responding and what you should do in this circumstance rather than letting your thoughts go wild. Let’s face it, he might not always check his phone because he might be overloaded with work. Between the countless client meetings and calls, he might have missed your SMS and calls. Additionally, it’s also feasible that he takes breaks from his phone and is not always glued to it (digital detox). He may be caring for his parents while they are present, or he may have gone on a hike or road trip and neglected to check his phone frequently.

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