8 signs of vitamin deficiency on the body

Cracked lips can occasionally be a side effect of the cold or herpes simplex, but they can also be caused by a simple vitamin B deficiency. For a few days, take a B complex vitamin and you should feel better.
Tingling in the Hands and Feet: A B12 deficiency or a less serious neurological illness, such as a significant neurological disorder, may be the cause of limb tingling. Other symptoms of a B12 shortage include a tongue that is swollen or inflamed, jaundice, weakness, exhaustion, or eyesight loss. One of my patients experiences persistent B12 problems that numb her hands and feet. Although she made an effort to increase the amount of B12-rich items in her diet, such as beef, liver, seafood, cheese, eggs, and chicken, she found that regular B12 injections were the most effective. You can get a blood test from your doctor to see if you’re vitamin deficient. Asymmetrical foot pain is more likely to be caused by an accident or a muscular issue if it affects only one foot. In contrast, we discovered a vitamin B6 shortage in a patient who visited my office complaining of foot pain due to an odd presentation. We requested a blood test after taking X-rays to rule out a bone abnormality. We discovered that he had inadequate amounts of pyridoxine, or vitamin B6. He changed his diet to include more poultry, fish, and cereals made from whole grains. The pain subsided as a result of these dietary adjustments.

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