8 things you need to now before apply lipstick

What is the best method for selecting and applying lipstick or gloss? Great lips can really set off your look. It’s true that there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to having beautiful lips. The ideal cosmetic strategy is to highlight your best feature, so decide whether to emphasize your mouth or your eyes. Selecting one of these standout elements to focus on will establish the essential focal point. Before applying gloss, hide your lips with concealer or foundation to achieve bare lips. This virtually makes lips colorless and complements smokey eyes beautifully. To achieve the bee-stung appearance, you do not need to inject fillers into your lips. Apply lip liner slightly outside of your natural lip line, then dab some gloss in the center of your bottom lip, and smack your lips together for plumper lips. The optimal lipstick colour, according to makeup expert Bobbi Brown, is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. As an alternative, you might try the popular trend of matching your lipstick’s hue to the color of your nipple for the ideal shade. Lipstick application doesn’t really follow any rules. Special lipstick brushes are used by certain ladies, while others have one but never use it. Most women apply it directly from the tube, however some ladies just use their middle finger. Decide what is best for you. You’re good as long as the color reaches the lips. If you line your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick, it will remain longer. Consider adding a nude liner if you’re wearing pale lipstick. Next, apply lipstick on top. Use a deeper or more vibrant shade of liner for a stronger appearance. Lip gloss is notorious for fading quickly. However, if you line your lips, you’re providing the gloss a surface to adhere to.

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