9 bad habits that may cause breast cancer

What causes breast cancer is unknown. However, we are aware that some factors, including smoking and consuming alcohol, are under your control and can raise your risk of contracting the illness. Everyone is interested in learning how to reduce their chance of developing breast cancer. Despite the fact that the exact aetiology of breast cancer is unknown, doctors are aware of a number of risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing the disease. Some risk factors for breast cancer, such as being a woman, getting older, and having genetic predispositions, cannot be modified. Making different lifestyle decisions might alter other factors, such as not exercising enough, smoking, and eating particular foods. You can take control of your health and ensure that your risk of developing breast cancer is as low as possible by making the healthiest lifestyle decisions imaginable. The following list includes the known breast cancer risk factors. To find out more about the risk factor and how to reduce it in your own life, click on each link. If a factor cannot be changed, you can find out what precautions to take to reduce your risk as much as feasible.

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