9 early warning signs of vitamin B12 deficiency

Do you consume enough B12? To maintain your health, you should make sure that you do. The benefits of vitamin B12 to your body are numerous. For instance, it aids in the formation of your DNA and red blood cells. You must obtain vitamin B12 from meals derived from animals or supplements because your body cannot produce it. And you ought to do that frequently. Even while B12 is kept in the liver for up to 5 years, if your diet doesn’t help keep levels stable, you may eventually become deficient. Animal foods, which naturally contain vitamin B12, as well as those that have been fortified with it, are both sources of this vitamin. Dairy, eggs, fish, meat, and poultry are examples of items derived from animals. Your blood could develop anaemic if you don’t get enough vitamin B12. Mild deficiencies could go unnoticed. But if left untreated, it could result in signs like: Weakness, fatigue, or dizziness. breathlessness and heart palpitations, light skin, an easy tongue, diarrhoea, vomiting, appetite loss, or gas, muscle weakness, difficulties walking, and nerve issues including numbness or tingling Loss of vision and mental issues like sadness, forgetfulness, or altered behaviour. You will initially require shots of vitamin B12 if you have pernicious anaemia or have difficulties absorbing it. You might need to continue receiving these injections, consume a supplement in high amounts or receive it nasally after that.

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