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9 things that make you respectable

Don’t always look to others for guidance. To get things done and solve problems, use your own abilities and resources. Make it a habit to solve problems on your own. Don’t be scared to take on a challenge now and again. One of the most crucial things you can do to begin earning respect is by far this. Don’t continue to treat obligations lightly in the way you did in the past. Always keep your pledges and obligations. If you frequently struggle with that, it probably suggests you make too many commitments you can’t keep. The kind of people who automatically say, “I’m sorry,” without thinking twice are rarely those who are well-respected. Apologies have their place and time. Sometimes your family and friends suffer because of mistakes you make. You can express regret to them. Stop saying “sorry” 100 times an hour for every small thing that goes wrong in the meantime, especially at work. People will respect your time if you respect theirs. Getting to the point quickly, bringing up difficulties right away, being brief, and of course, making it simpler for others to make decisions, especially when they are busier than you, are all examples of this. You should also not be late for appointments and refrain from wasting time in meetings discussing pointless topics.

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