99% of women don’t know these about the foundation they are using

Due to their lightness and ease of blending, they work well on practically all skin tones. They come in formulations that are water-based, oil-based, and oil-free. Select an oil-based liquid foundation if you have dry skin. You have dry skin, therefore the oil-based recipe gives your skin the additional hydration it needs and aids in product absorption. Choose water-based liquid foundations or liquid foundations without oils if you have oily skin. Water-based foundations are gentle on the face and contain silicone, which offers a base that is oil-free and smooth. Choose water-based liquid foundations for normal or mixed skin since they provide buildable coverage. These foundations provide additional coverage and hydration to the skin because they are thick and creamy. These can also be worn as concealers. They come in stick, compact, and tube varieties. For dry skin, cream foundations work best because of their thickness and oil-based formulas. The longest-lasting moisture retention and coverage it provides keeps dry skin feeling better for longer. Also available are mousse formulations. Stay away from cream foundations if you have oily skin! However, stick foundations with a matte finish and rapid drying time are an option. For normal to combination skin – Due to the product’s multiple buildable coverage and moisture levels, it is suitable for those with normal to combination skin. These come in both pressed powder and loose powder varieties. Due to their sheerness and complete lack of moisture, they are mostly used to set makeup. They are also appropriate for days when you just want a sheer, matte look and don’t want to put on any makeup. Powder foundations are best avoided if you have dry skin since they tend to be drying on already dry skin. If you have oily skin, choose powder foundations because they absorb any remaining moisture from the skin’s surface and give you a shine-free appearance.

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