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a betrayal in love

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When a person betrays your trust, it is called betrayal. It’s one of the most excruciatingly terrible things we’ve ever gone through. There could be a variety of reasons for him to betray your trust. He is not loyal to you in any way. Well, if he breaks your trust its the not a mistake. You have a given space to happen that by trusting him. Rather than blaming him, you should blame yourself and learn a lesson. If you blame him, you risk causing even more confusion in your thoughts. We’ve gathered betrayal quotes and sayings on friendship and love to help you express your hurt sentiments. It gives a clear insight into betrayal. There is no deeper anguish than betrayal in the arena of relationships. It’s difficult to forgive a betrayer, whether it’s a spouse, long-term partner, closest friend, sibling, or parents. Even more difficult is deciding what to say to someone who has deceived you. It’s devastating to be let down by someone you’ve put your trust in. It might be difficult to know what to say to someone who has taken advantage of your faith in them. The most tragic aspect of betrayal is that it undermines your foundation and robs you of your ability to believe. It makes you feel tricked and insufficient.

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