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A bride to be final goodbye to her groom

Everyone experiences difficult times at some point in their life, regardless of who they are. Although overcoming adversity is by no means simple, you can take certain actions to make even the most difficult challenges more manageable. Only when things go wrong and you are knocked sideways by some adversity or setback that hits you like a Mack truck coming out of an alley do you discover your true character. Only by observing how you behave when things go wrong will you be able to determine what is truly inside of you since your behaviors on the outside are the true indicators of who you are on the inside. Let’s be clear about one thing right away. Life is a never-ending series of both minor and major issues. Never ending. Just as you gain control of one situation, another one strikes. Life sometimes seems to consist of “two steps forward and one step back.” The moment you achieve great success, you simply switch one kind of issue for another. You used to have minor issues with little consequence, but now you have major issues with huge consequences. You will encounter challenges, difficulties, and occasionally heartbreaking adversities throughout your life, regardless of how clever, smart, or careful you are. If you had not overcome obstacles along the way to success, you could not possibly be who you are today. The development of a noble character, becoming an excellent human being, and becoming all that you are capable of being may be your main goals in life. You can only move closer to the stars by overcoming challenges that right now seem to be beyond your capacity to handle.

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