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A call to stand together for peace – Worku Ayitenew

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Day by day Ethiopian news update on 7 August 2021. Addressing The Reporter, Chairperson of the Council, Rahel Bafe (Ph.D.) said that there is a continuous exertion by the Council to carry the two fighting gatherings to the exchange table. Be that as it may, she noticed, the interaction is in its beginning phases. On an occasion held at Skylight Hotel, the Council advised negotiators and different individuals from the worldwide local area living in Ethiopia, over the situation of Ethiopian resistance groups in regards to the contention in the Northern piece of Ethiopia.

Talking at the occasion, Rahel insinuated the way that the Council is approaching the two gatherings in the struggle to meet up and convey to lead a comprehensive exchange and end the continuous conflict. Albeit the Ethiopian government reported an unequivocal one-sided truce as of June 28, 2021, the TPLF’s activity keeps on spreading struggle further, Rahel said and approached companions of Ethiopia and the worldwide local area to remain with Ethiopia and assume a positive part in assisting the country with conquering the issue.

“It is becoming obvious that a few nations take a gander at it, not according to the viewpoint of Ethiopians who are experiencing unfurling occasions, yet from their public interest and from its international part,” Rahel brought up.

Besides, she said, “We might want to send a solid message that Ethiopia is the solitary enduring dark country and has endured the domain of Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the British Empire for a very long time and this custom won’t be broken at this point.”

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