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A country where soil is being eaten as food

One in nine people still go to bed hungry despite the fact that there is enough food produced to sustain seven billion people on the planet. How much poverty have you noticed in the area? Too much and awful, don’t you think? People who live in poverty are compelled to eat anything they can find. The lack of food has forced the citizens of Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, to rely on mud platters in order to survive. Not to hold food, but to consume it. In one of Haiti’s poorest slums, Charlene Dumas was eating mud for lunch. The poorest people in Haiti are unable to buy even a daily meal of rice due to rising food prices, and some resort to desperate means to feed themselves. The 16-year-old Charlene, who has a 1-month-old infant, has grown accustomed to turning to cookies fashioned from dried yellow soil from the country’s central plateau as a traditional Haitian cure for hunger. Pregnant women and kids in this area have traditionally valued the mud as an antacid and calcium source. However, cookies made of dirt, salt, and vegetable shortening have become a common supper in areas like Cite Soleil, the oceanside slum where Charlene lives in a two-room house with her infant, five siblings, and two unemployed parents.
Dumas stated, “I have to eat them three times a day when my mother doesn’t cook anything.” She was holding her infant, named Woodson, who appeared to be even underweight than the 6 pounds, 3 ounces he had been at birth. They have grown so accustomed to eating off of mud plates that it is now just a routine for them. Mud is purchased, made into platters, sold, and consumed. Cite Soleil is the slum’s staple meal.

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