A farewell for the engineer shoe shiner

Achieving your goal of a wonderful existence is what defines success in life. It entails completing particular goals that lead to the future you want for yourself. Individuals determine their own success in life. Your definition of success may differ from someone else’s. If you’re seeking for the answer to company success versus the key to relationship success, your plans and efforts will be completely different. It’s also critical to avoid allowing others to define what a successful life looks like for you. You only have so much time in life, so paint a complete image of yourself. Making a plan is the first step towards success. This entails developing a clear vision of what a successful life looks like for you and developing a well-defined set of goals to get you there. A good plan begins with determining what you want and writing it down in detail. It is critical to be clear about your definition of success. This is the foundation of your strategy. To succeed means to achieve a goal. According to this notion, if you do not create goals, you will never succeed. Many well-laid strategies have been undone by a single blunder. Preparing for the unexpected can mean the difference between your plans failing or succeeding despite a hiccup.

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