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Although explaining a joke is the best way to end it, psychologists have nonetheless attempted to do it. There are three basic hypotheses regarding what comedy is and its origins. According to the relief notion, laughing and being amused are effective strategies to let off steam and release psychic energy. Because of this, jokes delivered during funerals are frequently welcomed with raucous laughing rather than the respectful stillness that such a solemn occasion would call for. Plato and Aristotle first developed superiority theory to explain a particular type of humor: why we laugh at other people’s tragedies. According to this theory, using comedy to assert one’s superiority over others is acceptable. This is not the kind of sense of humor you want to develop if you’re trying to strengthen your leadership abilities. According to the incongruity theory, humor develops when two opposing, separate ideas are combined. Punctuations in humor frequently defy expectations and include an unexpected turn of events. One of the best things you can do for your health is to laugh. A sense of humor is almost like your mind’s defense mechanism. When exposed to certain types of negative stimuli, people who are at risk for depression frequently experience depressive episodes, and later, it gets increasingly simple for them to relapse. But putting a humorous spin on a bad experience serves as a kind of emotional filter that keeps the negativity from setting off a melancholy episode. Humor protects against more than simply despair. Additionally, it raises people’s standard of living generally. However, not all humor is created equal. In the same study, the researchers classified humor into four categories: affiliative humor, or humor meant to foster social connections; self-enhancing humor, or having a humorous outlook on life in general; aggressive humor, or making fun of other people; and self-defeating humor, in which a person supports jokes that make fun of themselves or are self-deprecating.

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