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A final tribute for Artist Ali Birra

Love in a marriage – what is it? How does it progress, alter, and affect the bond? It should come as no surprise that love plays a significant role in both people getting married and maintaining their marriages. Researchers talk about how one factor that has a significant impact on healthy and long-term marriages is love. Love is not always enough to keep a marriage together. Additionally crucial are friendship, loyalty, trust, togetherness, readiness to make compromises, and respect for one another. In some marriages, such as arranged unions or unions of convenience, love may not be required to start or maintain the union. Additionally, marriages that were formerly based on love but are now not may still exist due to other causes, such as a sense of obligation, cultural or religious norms, or worries about one’s family or finances. However, the majority of people cite love as their top priority for a happy marriage. There are certain marriages where the tie keeping the pair together is so strong that the partners are constantly in love and cannot imagine life without the other to the point where they see their partner as their “other half.” These relationships, which were referred to as “romantic marriages,” were powered by shared passion, ardor, and excitement. This is not to say that the couple must remain blind to each other’s flaws, limitations, or disturbing idiosyncrasies for love to endure and develop in a marriage, but love can help lessen their impact. Love and the length of a marriage frequently go hand in hand. Love in a marriage is defined as having passion, intimacy, and commitment. Feeling close and bonded to one’s spouse is a sign of intimacy. Physical and sexual attraction is the beginning of passion. By deciding to keep the relationship going, one shows commitment by demonstrating how much they love their spouse.

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