A groom that stole the spot light with his dancing

Classic error. It’s customary to go out and have fun with your friends “one last night out” before your wedding, drinking and acting naughty. The last thing you want is to feel miserable on your wedding day, so it’s crucial to make sure you go home and get the rest you need. It’s best to have your “last night out” a few days before to the wedding, but if you’re determined on doing it the night before, exercise caution and good judgement. It’s amazing how many men forget to shave their faces prior to the wedding, yet this is a crucial step because everyone will be focusing on your face. This one is easy to understand. Make sure the knickers you select for your wedding day is clean, comfy and won’t distract you from the occasion. So keep that in mind as well. A lot of grooms choose to spend money on a great pair of pants on their wedding day. But in any case, be cosy and tidy. The most pricey and carefully planned meal of the day may be the wedding dinner, but breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. Why? Because it will need a lot of energy to get through an extremely demanding day. Make sure you eat a complex carbohydrate breakfast that is heavy in protein. Given that you might not have access to food for several hours, it will take some time for it to digest and keep you going. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well.

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