A guy and his extended family

In Australia, extended families typically consist of several generations residing in the same home, however some extended families also include cousins, uncles, and aunts who live together. Although some cultures have had this type of living arrangement for a long time, more regular Australian families are choosing to live together as an extended family for a variety of other reasons. The fact that it is frequently a more inexpensive choice and can ease the family’s financial strain is one of the main advantages and causes of families moving in together. As they begin their jobs or to assist them save money to buy their own home, adult children frequently return to live with their parents. Grandparents who are willing and in good health can also assist in caring for young grandkids during the day, saving the family a lot of money on childcare. In addition to saving money on daycare and easing some of the burden on working parents, multi-parenting by different adult family members also encourages grandparents and grandchildren to interact and enrich each other’s lives. While grandparents continue to work and be active while keeping up with the children’s activities and academic work, youngsters benefit from growing up with a large family and learning about taking care of their elders. Living together makes it considerably easier for many families to support and care for adult family members who are aged, disabled, or ill. In this approach, the household may divide up the caregiving duties, develop better routines with the family members who require care, and be much more aware of any changes in their condition or health.

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