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A hidden place above the Ethiopian sky

Lake Tana, a small freshwater lake, is home to more than half of the lake’s fish species. The shallows are home to tiny pods of hippos and white pelican flotillas, which in turn support a wide variety of bird species. Old monasteries may be found all across the islands and peninsulas that encircle Lake Tana if you’re looking for peace and quiet. The mummified remains of five former Ethiopian emperors, including the founder of Gondar, Fasilidas, are kept in many of the lake’s monasteries, notably Kibran Gebriel and Daga Istafanos. According to legend, the bulk of the lake monasteries were founded in the beginning of the 14th century; however, many of them may have existed much earlier. At least two of them date back to the Gondarine era. According to legend, the Tana Chirkos monastery, which is situated near to three historic Jewish sacrifice pillars, formerly housed the Ark of the Covenant. Prior to the 1930s, when Major Robert Cheesman conducted a pioneering expedition to examine every island in the lake, many of the monasteries were unknown to the outside world. The gold patron’s medal of the Royal Geographical Society for a mapping expedition.

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