A husband who sublet his house to his wife

Few relationships are perfect matches in terms of finances. Usually, one of you saves money while the other spends it. One of you is more risk-taking, while the other is more conservative. And you two are adamant that your method is the correct one. Because of this, financial discussions frequently turn into disputes. However, things don’t have to be that way. You can come up with a system for handling money that will work for both of you. In a marriage, there can be more than one financial mindset. Recognize the validity of both of your points of view. Not everything needs to be agreed upon. But in order to come up with a strategy you both feel good about, you must be sensitive to your partner’s financial feelings. It’s a good idea to set aside some money each month for both saves and enjoyable purchases if the happiness of the saver depends on their ability to feel financially secure and the happiness of the spender depends on their ability to feel free to enjoy life. Create a foundation of agreement by listing the significant financial objectives you can both support, such as paying for retirement, paying for college, having a yearly vacation, etc. No matter how close you are, there should be room for individual independence in your marriage. It’s crucial to have some spare cash that you can use or put away independently of one another.

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