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A lost father and son meet in Macedonia

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The rapidly creating Ethiopian Orthodox social class in Houston at first started its get-together at St. Engraving Egyptian Orthodox Church in Houston and later bought 2.5 areas of land in December 1993 and coordinated its organizations in a tent until August 6, 1995, when the late Arch Bishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the Western Hemisphere, Abuse Yerevan, established the framework to create the current social event passage. The assemblage was hence built and started on November 9, 1996, inside seeing all of the three religious managers (Abuse Tisha, Abuse Seamarks, and Abuse Melketsedik) who were then tenant in the United States. A short time later, the assembly stretched out its compound to 7 segments of land and created a Sunday school, load up and service working environments, a private construction for people from the congregation, and spots of partner for its people and children. Also, the assembly acquired another 4 segments of land with private houses straightforwardly across the gathering establishment, developing the overall church motivation to 11 segments of land. This unique neighborhood at present gathering pledges to create much more prominent construction to oblige its continually creating neighborhood Houston and its environs.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Toothed Church is a file of such rich history which is a wellspring of pride for its own inhabitants just as for all people of African drop. Among those valid places of interest of this outdated country is the going with:

The sincere experience between the Queen of Sheba of Ethiopia and the astounding King of Solomon of Israel, and the setting up of the Solomon line in Ethiopia coming about on account of this experience, brought Moses Ark of the Covenant and its tables from Jerusalem and saved to this date in one of the places of refuge of Sum.

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