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a love that was tested for 10 years

I stood at the altar in my wedding gown a few months ago, full of joy, and, like so many other couples before us, my husband and I swore to love each other forever “in sickness and in health, to be true to one another in good times and bad.” It felt easy to keep my commitment and stand by and love my husband no matter what life threw at us in those wonderful moments. But the truth is that my husband and I don’t yet know how illness and the difficulties that come with it can put our wedding vows in jeopardy. We have no more control over illness than we do over a natural disaster, yet we are encouraged to dig in and expand our love even in the face of the most violent storm. We can’t prepare for the unexpected in many ways, but we can learn from more experienced couples and draw confidence from their bravery and love when their vows are put to the test. Five exceptional married women who have cared for their suffering spouses and whose marriages have endured illness, years in the hospital, and chemo treatment have decided to share their hard-won wisdom with Verily. I was curious to learn more “How has your marriage grown stronger in the midst of adversity?” Here’s what they had to say. I expected to hear a lot about huge tasks like handling all of the finances, home details, and doctors’ appointments when I asked these ladies about their marriages during times of sickness. While these women performed all of these things, they all agreed that their presence and support during their husbands’ illnesses were the most important.

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