A man proposing to his girl friend at the timiket celebration

Guys, when the time is right for marriage, you’ll know it. There is no stated duration. When you’ll know, you’ll know. I frequently receive inquiries from gentlemen who are prepared to step up their commitment from my work as a marriage proposal planner. Just know that she will probably say yes regardless of how much you spend or how fancy your proposal is. But going the extra mile will go a long way if you do choose to make the effort to ask her to be your future bride. Nothing is worse than an artificial marriage proposal. Even if you are a man of few words, speak from the heart and dig deep to find the words to express what she means to you, as corny as it may seem. In the end, this is a marriage! If there was ever a chance, now would be it to say something heartfelt and win her over. Make eye contact with her and take her hands in yours when you’re speaking to her. When you’re anxious, I don’t care if your palms start to perspire; believe me, she won’t either. Recall how you two first met and how you were affected by her. For instance, “Do you remember that important Finance 101 lecture we had in first year? You didn’t know me then, but that’s when I first saw you, and ever since that day, you’ve been everything to me. Tell her that you still feel the same way about her, if not even more. She is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, so tell her that. Now that you’ve exchanged all the tender words, you can kneel. Your partner will be fully aware of what is about to happen at this point.

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