A marathon victory that got athlete Deraritu excited


The women’s marathon for the world championship featured numerous competitions. The pace of the leaders’ takeoff was five minutes quicker than the world record. Then they slowed. Next, they advanced. Once more, they slowed down. It was a marathon that was actually a fartlek session. In the end, Paula Radcliffe of Britain’s 17-year-old world championship record was chased by Gotytom Gebreslase of Ethiopia and Judith Korir of Kenya as they ran stride by stride over the remaining miles of the race. Gebreslase beat Radcliffe’s time of 2:20:57 to win the marathon in 2 hours, 18 minutes, and 11 seconds. Three Americans, Sara Hall, Keira D’Amato, and Emma Bates, were in the chase group when they completed the first circuit of the three-lap track in the race, which was conducted in the streets of Eugene, Oregon, and the nearby city of Springfield. Hall asked her teammates whether they would like to join up if they found themselves jogging at a similar speed just before the event. They both eagerly concurred, and for some of the race they jointly set the pace in groups of two and three.

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