A massage from honorary doctor Biniam

Too frequently, the trend in our society is for individuals to be cut off from one another and from the vast majority of humanity, further dehumanising them as a result. We no longer greet each other and stop to converse on the streets because of the presence of cars. Cubicles, factories, and even computers to some extent have diminished some of the humanity in the workplace. Instead of spending time with others outside of our homes, television has firmly established us in our living rooms. Even in crowded places like movie theatres, where many of people congregate, we avoid having real conversations because we are glued to the screen. Be amiable and smile. Sometimes a tiny, insignificant gesture like this might brighten someone else’s day a little bit and make them smile. Then they might provide the same courtesy to others. Call a charity to offer your time. Today, you are not required to visit a soup kitchen. Simply seek up the number, give it a call, and schedule a time to volunteer during the upcoming month. You can choose any charity you desire. One of the most amazing things you can do is volunteer.

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