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A message for ladies who have been left by their partners

What causes a man to desert his wife in favor of another woman? Every woman has pondered this query at least once in her lifetime. When a spouse is abandoned for someone else, she may wonder “Why did he leave me if he loved me?” and feel empty and abandoned. Men often leave the women they are in love for a variety of reasons. The happiest marriages can end in divorce.
It can be perplexing to try to understand why men leave good women, but the reality is that there are a wide variety of reasons a man might be dissatisfied in his marriage. Discover what causes a man to desert his wife in favor of another woman by reading on. Men leave women because they are in love. A common misconception is that husbands always leave their wives for new partners. Men are born to be givers. They have a natural instinct to take care of others, which drives them to want to guard and support the people they care about. However, a husband might want to end the marriage if he feels that his wife is using him. Part of the reason why married men leave their wives is because they start to feel unappreciated. According to a study published in a journal, showing gratitude not only makes a partner feel special but also promotes self-awareness, increased love and commitment, and stronger feelings of support. A husband may decide to end a relationship if he feels unappreciated or that his wife is only with him for his money.

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