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A must watch life journey an Ethiopian woman

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Be it in the area of science or the universe of sports, we have seen ladies’ good examples ascend to challenge chances and go past cultural assumptions. Permitting themselves to think beyond practical boundaries, these are a portion of the numerous Ethiopian ladies who have risen early and dozed late, set out to wander into the neglected, and showed that ladies can accomplish incredible things.

Legal counselor and Women’s Rights Activist Meaza Ashenafi

Opposing the norm at whatever point she detected foul play, Meaza’s advantage in common liberties issues started at an extremely youthful age. Declining to recite a motto one time and to cook for male understudies in a camp at another, she was captured on two unique events for practicing what she trusted in.

Later on, Meaza concentrated on law at Addis Ababa University and filled in as an adjudicator at the High Court of Ethiopia for quite some time. This made her fully aware of the imbalance and treachery ladies face in the execution of the law, which prompted her to set up the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA). Since it opened its entryways, EWLA has named attorneys to people for nothing and gave free legitimate advising and related administrations to more than 100,000 ladies. The affiliation has dealt with high-profile cases including kid marriage and other hurtful conventional practices.

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