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A Must Watch Video Released By Abiy Ahmed

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There was a Facebook post, on 9 March 2021, by a Facebook customer named Dana Testate in ‘Saber Zen,’ a public social occasion with more than 178,000 people, declaring that Depression and Detached Red surprise a crevasse while endeavoring to flee to Sudan through Car. The post stated additional isolates are Dead, and Depression is gotten hurt by then. By then, it proposes visiting a wire channel to see the whole story. Hatcheck examined the post and certified that the picture doesn’t show the insured vehicle upset. Simultaneously, there is no associated information about Detached Red Since 4 November 2020, there has been a prepared fight between the TPLF-drove regional forces and Federal government-drove controls in Tigray. The focal government has controlled the neighborhood capital city, Moselle, on 28 November 2020. It has moreover actually pronounced that it was rapidly getting senior normal and military authorities of the PLF. A part of the senior normal and military tops of the TPLF-drove power has moreover been caught. Some of them fuse influential people from the TPLF, Seat Nega, past President ABA Wold, Deputy President of the Tigray Regional State Abraham Celeste (Ph.D.), and others. On 14 January 2021, ENDS gave an affirmation saying three PLF specialists, Abby Tsehaye-TPLF political pioneer, Sam Mesfin-past new minister, and Smells Woldeselassie-a person from the administration committee of the PLF, and other past military people were killed.

In any case, an opposite picture search of the picture shows that the image is taken from 49 seconds long video on Facebook, posted on 19 September 2020. The video shows a truck going down a feign road without being vexed. A book is written in Vietnamese that scrutinizes, “Looks hard yet can in like manner go,” as deciphered by google unravel.

There is similarly a wired interface got together with an aphorism, “the whole information can be found in the association,” But any report related to the case can not be found in the message channel.

Despite the way that other TPLF pioneers were gotten and executed, there is still no open information about the whereabouts and the conditions of the two senior tops of the political affiliation. Hatcheck attested that the photographs don’t show a vehicle overturned in a chasm boarding Detached and Depression to move away to Sudan, in this manner evaluated the post-FALSE due to incorrect usage of the picture to help the case.

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