A picture of a young boy and his story

History demonstrates the importance of societies in ensuring our continued existence. However, occasionally it is this society itself that starves and suffocates people to death. This particular social media-circulating story will move your soul. On the internet, this picture of a Danish woman giving water to a starving Nigerian boy is breaking people’s hearts. A young person is currently attempting to plan his meal and how he will feed his younger siblings. A child is currently attempting to conceal herself and her siblings in a bush far from those who would harm them. As previously mentioned, I travel the world and encounter numerous kids. Anyone who knows me or has traveled with me will tell you that I would spend all of my time abroad with kids if I could. Children are unique beings on Earth. Although it sounds incredibly cliche, it is true. Children depend on us to treat them fairly from the moment they are born. But occasionally, external factors prevent that. I get it. For both adults and kids, life is not always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, millions of children who reside in nations beset by armed and civil conflict endure a harrowing quality of life. We don’t expect ourselves to understand life when we wake up every morning, but there are kids who live in constant crisis and just want to sleep peacefully at night. To treat kids fairly, we must exert every effort. Every child has a soul and a future, and we cannot deprive them of the potential they possess if given the chance to not only survive but also thrive in challenging circumstances.

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