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A proclamation for the people of North Gondar Zone was announced

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Ethiopia News – Zehabesha News, Maytemri, Amhara Special Force, TPLF. GERD is without a doubt a living image for the crew, shared participation being developed among African nations, and an apparatus for advancing harmony in the Horn of Africa. This dam steers clear of governmental issues is a strategic trend for any degree of showdown with Egypt and Sudan.

The current political skepticism that is being fanned on Ethiopia fails to remember the way that these nations are here to live respectively as neighbors and it is unreasonable to send a feeling of enmity to the current and group of people yet to come of the three nations.

Henceforth, Egypt and Sudan should strive to advance GERD as a fundamental instrument to advancing harmony, collaboration, and monetary improvement as the undertaking target giving advantages not exclusively to Ethiopia yet additionally to different nations in the area including Egypt and Sudan. To resolve the continuous question as ahead of schedule as could really be expected, the two nations are relied upon to comply with the understanding of DoP and prepared to continue the exchange under the initiative of the African Union as unequivocally recommended by the individuals from the UN Security Council last Thursday.

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