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A rebot that resemble a human being

Engineered Arts specializes on creating robots that resemble people as closely as possible. To that goal, they’ve been developing a series of robots with increasingly realistic facial expressions. Its previous models were known as Mesmer and RoboThespian, and they were robots capable of displaying a wide spectrum of emotions. They were also painted in colors that were supposed to seem like human skin and hair. Engineered Arts’ robots haven’t been programmed to do anything other than wow the audience. Mesmer was developed in such a way that it could deliver a speech in the voice of a human who was working behind the scenes. However, they are unable to walk or move around; all they can do is move their arms, wrists, fingers, neck, head, eyes, and lips. Ameca is a robot platform that users can customize with AI and other technologies to give it the abilities they want. It comes with software that allows you to create lifelike expressions. It can open and close its mouth, grin, frown, wink, and open and close its eyes. It can also convey surprise, annoyance, or amusement. The robot appears to awaken, as if from a nap, in a video published by the business. It appears to be taken aback by its own presence when it does so. When it suddenly looks at the camera as if spotting the viewer looking at it, it acts as if shocked.

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