A reply from Lemma’s family….leave him alone

Keeping your family secure is more important than anything else. The quantity of safety precautions can seem daunting when your home is occupied by several people. But it’s not necessary to be. By dividing it into age groups and categories, ranging from fundamental home safety to online safety, we have made it easier for you to keep your family secure. Nothing compares to family. We anticipate our blood and married relatives to be our closest friends and our biggest providers of love and support. The people we should know and be known by the best end up feeling hostile or foreign. Our earliest and most intensely emotional memories are created in our families, and they frequently return there. If you want to care for anyone else, you must first take care of your own health. Your desire to squeeze in exercise increases as your family’s demands on your time increase. Maybe you and your family may look for family-friendly workout options. If you want to be heard, pay attention. The most common family grievance is a lack of communication. It’s possible that the answer to the question “Why won’t they listen to me?” is as simple as “You’re not listening to them.” Teach people to make emotional decisions. By allowing all emotions to be valid, but not all behaviours, you can control your moods. Despite making it obvious that we have a choice regarding what to do with our feelings, we should provide an example of behaviour that respects and supports the rights and feelings of others.

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