A reward for new years for Diamond

Children require adult assistance at every stage of life to nurture these seeds into full maturity if they are to grow up to be kind, moral individuals. The development of children’s empathy and sense of responsibility for others is important because it is morally correct to do so and because such youngsters are more likely to be successful and happy. All of their relationships will be stronger, and happy relationships are a vital component. Success in the modern world frequently depends on cooperating well with others, and kids who are socially conscious and empathic also make better collaborators. When they are handled in this manner, children learn compassion and respect. Children grow attached to us when they perceive that we adore them. They are more responsive to our teachings and beliefs because of this bond. Children pick up moral principles and behaviour by seeing our behaviour and that of other adults they respect. When we practise what we preach, kids will listen to us. It’s crucial for kids to learn from their parents and other adult carers that helping others comes first and is just as vital as their own enjoyment. Even though the majority of parents and carers claim that teaching their kids to be kind is a top priority, kids frequently don’t get that message. Children should learn to show others kindness and gratitude.

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