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A single father raising his 4 kids alone

There is no disputing the difficulty of being a single parent. But having a greater grasp of the difficulties experienced by single parents will assist us to better support the many people who find themselves in this situation.
Up to 2.6 million families in the US are led by single fathers, despite the fact that single mothers make up the majority of solo parents. But there is little study on single fathers; instead, many studies contrast paired parents with single mothers. Fathers who are single may have a few benefits on their side. Compared to single mothers, single fathers are more likely to live with a cohabiting partner (41 percent versus 16 percent), indicating that they are not constantly living alone. A 2015 assessment of the research found that lone fathers typically had better economic, educational, and poverty outcomes than single mothers. But that doesn’t negate the fact that lone fathers still face difficulties. After all, a large portion of society (still) believes that men are not capable of raising children on their own. Caretakers are typically thought to be women. the caregivers. the guardians of the household and family.

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