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A special act of the famous artist

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Minister Ibrahim further noticed the motivation behind including the group of four is to draw out the impending second filling of the dam and subvert Ethiopia’s entitlement to fair and sensible utilization of the Nile waters.

As indicated by him, water-sharing issues have consistently been settled through dealings dependent on global water law. “We should resolve the issues dependent on standards not by the choice of outsiders.”

He said, “I think they (the proposed arbiters) will demand the stopping of the second filling of the dam before arrangements are reached. This is a perilous move by Egypt and Sudan to subvert Ethiopia’s improvement rights. Thus, our stand is clear. Allow us to sit and haggle for reasonable usage of our water assets.”

Egypt and Sudan are going about as though the water starts from their territories and they anticipate that Ethiopia should acknowledge every one of the choices made by Egypt, which is against the truth on the ground.

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