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A statement was issued on the TPLF issue

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Demeke’s advising remembered circumstances for the fallout of the dynamic period of the law implementation crusade that required the starting of gigantic restoration and revamping endeavors by the public authority.

In clarifying the current circumstances at present, he emphasized that philanthropic people and columnists have been given unhampered access in the area and many are dealing with the ground.

In such manner, he said the public authority has covered 70% of the conveyance of food and non-food things to about 3.8 million individuals in the area up until now.

He communicated his expectation that the unhindered admittance to compassionate help in the area will be trailed by broad help from the global local area. He said the entirety of the pugnacious activities and obstinacy of the TPLF bunch left the government with no alternative other than to complete the mission to end exemption and reestablish the rule of law in the district.

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