A sudden family gathering…

Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid saying things that don’t truly express your feelings. The other person will stop believing what you say if you consistently tell lies, even if they seem tiny or unimportant. Being more open and vulnerable in a relationship as it grows is another way to foster trust. When individuals rely on one another, trust is created. We establish trust in the connections we have by being open and honest. Over time, some of this will develop naturally as a result of our daily encounters, such as when we trust our spouse to pick us up from work when they have offered to do so. Being emotionally exposed is also crucial. You must expose yourself to the possibility of suffering harm in order to earn someone else’s trust. This can involve disclosing things that frighten you or exposing traits about yourself that you don’t find appealing. In other words, trust grows when our partners have the opportunity to disappoint or harm us but choose not to. Trust is largely based on respect. Belittlement or treating us with contempt or condescending by our partners is one of the most emotionally damaging things they can do to us since it erodes confidence. Any connection requires a foundational degree of trust and, by extension, respect, even one between a sales assistant and a consumer.

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