A surprise house gift for comedian Fulfilu

The thing that makes humor funny is that it fundamentally examines the human situation.
A comic may make people laugh and temporarily forget their concerns if they have the flow and the appropriate rhythm. They can also have the wisdom of a bartender at a hip drinking establishment and the calm of a philosopher. There are those called to create something unique in the fashion world. Comedians have a keen sense of observation and a passion for ideas and words. If you’re lucky, your satire may be able to change someone’s perspective on a problem. A useful technique for handling difficult situations is humor. Among the most fierce comedians are those from underprivileged backgrounds. Power is addressed by humor. The finest make an impression on society. Yes, you could work for your mother’s legal practice, but where would the adventure be? Maybe destiny has other ideas for you. You could have worked as a hedge fund manager, stock market analyst, meth cook, or pimp. However, something prevented you from falling down the precipice—oops, that’s the abyss. If things worked out, you envisioned a job where you could get people so fired up that attractive people on dates would laugh so hard they would spray diet rum and diet coke out of their noses. As a comedian, you have the opportunity to socialize with other comedians who share your ideals and way of life and who can provide constructive criticism to help you improve.

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