A surprise party for actress Nuhamin birthday

Perhaps dance will allow us to genuinely express who we are and what we are capable of to the world. If we’re being completely honest, we all secretly think we’re not like everyone else. Our various layers of personality and talent are knitted together in such a way that no other person on earth could possibly have the same make-up as us, and we are aware of how beautifully unique we are. We are aware of it. Just sometimes we don’t know how to back it up. Perhaps the way we choose to remember and cling to the past is via dance. It allows us to relive the carefree times of our youth or the moment when we first saw them and knew they were the one. It is our way of paying homage to the heroes of yesterday who jitterbugged like carefree children while tomorrow they would march as adults to uphold the cause of freedom. It’s the chance to rediscover your inner princess as you wait for an extended hand and the invitation to a true, graceful romance that isn’t as lost as the cynics claim. When we dance, we can recall them all a little bit more clearly, experience the butterflies once more, and, if only briefly, go back to the most innocent time in our life when time didn’t matter because we were dancing. The best aspect is that anyone can accomplish it. It can be done with the correct teachers and is enjoyable. The hardest thing is literally taking the first step—picking up the phone, booking a session, or entering a dancing facility. The steps on the ballroom are as simple as a breath of fresh air once you’ve taken the first few.

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