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A touching message from memeher Pawlos and memeher Mehereteab

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Teddy’s memorial service, Meherteab Asefa, Pawlos Weldesilase. In this unique circumstance, review the trouble the US Treasury had in getting pandemic alleviation checks to the unbanked. On the off chance that everybody had a Federal Reserve-gave electronic wallet into which computerized dollars could be kept, this issue would be tackled.

Computerized dollars could likewise address the extravagant expense of cross-line cash moves. In any case, unfamiliar governments may be hesitant to allow their nationals to introduce the Fed’s computerized wallet since that would leave them and their national banks unfit to authorize their capital controls, which they esteem as macroprudential instruments.

On the other hand, the Fed’s advanced wallet could be made interoperable with unfamiliar computerized wallets. However, interoperability would require close participation between national banks on the subtleties of innovation and security. While there are endeavors toward this path, making it work would be an overwhelming assignment, no doubt.

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