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A touching message from Mufti Haji Omar Idris

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At the event, the envoy expressed regardless of changes of governments, Ethiopia’s help to South Sudan is reliable and he repeated this proceeds in guaranteeing harmony execution, infrastructural and financial linkages.

Featuring the new status of the circumstance in the Tigray district, the envoy advised about the Ethiopian government’s law implementation activity’s result compassionate alleviation commitment produced up to over 70% and reclamation responsibilities of frameworks that were purposely harmed by the TPLF coterie around there.

As to the GERD, he communicated that it is a dish African task and proposed for power age. Confirming the reality of in excess of 65 million Ethiopians have no admittance to electric force, the minister said, Ethiopia is asking Egypt and Sudan to regard its sovereign option to utilize Nile water for momentum and people in the future.

Explaining that Ethiopia’s position is a mutually advantageous arrangement; he expressed that Ethiopia has never a plan of hurting downstream nations. The diplomat likewise highlighted that GERD has such countless benefits for the downstream nations, for example, the principal filling of it protected Sudan from the devastative flooding, he added.

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