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A touching story of an Ethiopian mother who lost her husband and children

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A heart-contacting story of an Ethiopian mother who lost her significant other and youngsters in a single day. The recovery of this discussion made them consider the quantity of previous African presidents that were expelled lately by their kin or some kind of public development, “undemocratically” as some would say, have looked for asylum in adjoining African nations. In the previous year, we have witnessed that with the previous leader of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, who is right now banished in Equatorial Guinea.

There is additionally the previous leader of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaore, who after a well known uprising by his own kin, took banish in the Ivory Coast. The instance of previous President Mugabe is the exemption who has figured out how to arrange a post-administration life that doesn’t comprise of being banished. I discover this to be a fascinating pattern. The more I consider these outcasts, be that as it may, the more I get some information about the possibility of African solidarity.

At the point when I consider Blaise Compaore’s circumstance, I especially get some information about the job of African governments in the ruin or even death of individual African heads of state. Blaise Compaore took power from this cherished companion and confidant Thomas Sankara. The part of the past Ivorian President Boigny and the French and Belgian governments have been authoritatively recognized in the homicide of Thomas Sankara. Presently, when Blaise Compaore had to leave his force, he took shelter in the country that helped him in eliminating his companion, who ostensibly was Africa’s most encouraging youthful president.

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