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A touching word of the mother to Dr. Abiy

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Exactly when we really examine the start of every human progression, we see people who get themselves together without deliberateness. To begin, certain people are drifters, a couple of relatives, some vanquished, and a couple saints. Regardless, time step by step begins to change and join this gathering, which transforms into the personality of the country these people call home. As people devour a comparable space, they begin to have shared experiences too. Through the commitment of marriage and through various patterns of unification, the construction a total character. This character is used by the head of the land to make a country. In any case, each human progression will without a doubt encounter change alongside the ideal that includes it. The presence of the heads of every human advancement stays as long as the ideal leftover parts alive. In speak, the completion of the total ideal is moreover the completion of the pioneers.

I began with the above theory or rule, wanting to show the current conflict in Ethiopia from the vantage point I think about genuine. The recently referenced start of advancement and the guidelines that control this article is generally insinuated from ‘The Crowd’ by Gustavo Le Son. As the title illustrates, the book is proposed to show the segments of a gathering. Before long, the last fragment of the book portrays the example of every human progression, which I consider as the most fitting depiction of the current conflict in Ethiopia. This is seen relating to ethnic federalism. All along, I need to make my idea comprehended: I am fighting if the execution of ethnic federalism is genuine. I’m reasonably fighting that ethnic federalism is defective in its very guideline for Ethiopia.

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