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Perhaps you have trouble controlling your anger and frustration, and you frequently snap at people rather than showing them tolerance and acceptance. Or perhaps you experience anxiety and insecurity, frequently losing yourself in doubts and worries rather than moving forward with confidence. Perhaps you even find it difficult to control more “pleasant” emotions like excitement because you are easily distracted by one shiny object after another and find it difficult to concentrate on a single task. This is understandable considering that the majority of us were never taught how to control our emotions. Have you ever attended an emotion management class or had a coach explain the most effective techniques for managing your anger? I didn’t, either. Which is odd because, when you think about it, what life skill could be more crucial? You see, managing your emotions is a skill that is necessary for all other abilities and skills in life. No matter how hard you study, you will never achieve your academic potential if you can’t control your anxiety and perfectionism. No matter how hard you try to get better at communicating, if you can’t control your anger, you won’t get very far in your romantic relationships. No matter how fantastic a new business opportunity may be, if insecurities and limiting beliefs prevent you from pursuing it, it will be difficult. The most significant aspects of your life all depend on your capacity for effective emotion management.
Fortunately, this ability can be learned. In fact, there are a few particular abilities you can hone that will enable you to control challenging emotions in just about any circumstance.

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