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A wonderful poem by the poet Elias Shitahun

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From the verse book called Rees Yelewem, A brilliant sonnet by the writer Elias Shitahun. No general public exists without writers. Regardless of whether the demonstration of making is acted in isolation, writers don’t live in an air pocket. They are not loners, shut away in ivory towers, but rather makers of a universe which they offer us to share. Regardless of whether their verse is recorded or sung, artists assume a vital instructive part.

The logicians of old Greece didn’t neglect to see this. In their eyes, the verse was the encapsulation of an encounter of learning, and overall culture that went before completely specific logical or political learning. They knew how much learning Homer and different writers was significant for molding the personalities of youthful free Greeks.

This is the reason Plato, in The Republic, was concerned that Homer painted an awful picture of the divine beings in his sonnets and wound up banishing artists from his city-state! Plato’s rebuke of Homer was no question as much an issue of what verse is, as what it can’t be.

However at that point or presently, who can say what verse is? For the Argentinian essayist Jorge Luis Borges(link is outer), a meaning of the verse as “the outflow of the delightful with the help of words slyly woven together” may be adequate for a word reference, yet remains rather “weak”.

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