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a young man who came from mars

The young man who claims to be from Mars claims to have lived on the red planet before being resurrected on Earth on a mission to save humanity. Here’s all you need to know about Boriska Kipriyanovich, the alleged Martian. Boriska was able to speak months after his birth, according to his parents, and would frequently discuss matters that they had never taught him, such as alien civilisations. By the age of two, he had astounded his doctors by being able to read, write, and draw.

His mother, who is also a doctor, claims that the first sign that he is unusual came weeks after his birth, when he was able to keep his head up without assistance. He claims that the Martians, who are around seven feet tall, still live underground on Mars and breathe carbon dioxide.
They are also eternal and stop aging at the age of 35, as well as highly advanced and capable of intergalactic travel, according to Boriska.
Boriska described how the Martians had a close link to the ancient Egyptians on Earth when he was a child, and how he had once visited the planet as a pilot.

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