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Being open and honest with your friends is another way to improve your friendships. In healthy relationships, when conflict emerges, both parties may listen carefully to one other as they express their feelings. To prevent that link from deteriorating, you must be able to convey your feelings, including those unpleasant ones like dissatisfaction and discomfort. In contrast, if you bottle up your emotions, you could develop resentment towards your pals and your relationships will suffer. Consequently, face your feelings head-on rather than burying them. After that, you can resolve the problem together. You should keep demonstrating your concern for your friend if you want to develop close, enduring relationships. Finding simple methods to show someone you care about them will do the trick. For example, buy them pizza for their birthday, tag them in corny Facebook memes, or simply tell them outright how much their relationship means to you. Even if you assume that they are aware of your concern for them, it never hurts to be reminded.

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