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In so many ways, fathers have an impact on our lives. They encourage us by holding the rear seat of the bicycle when we peddle without training wheels for the first time. They’re there with a baseball or football for a backyard game of catch, sound advise when your car breaks down, and the perfect dad joke. We are incredibly grateful for their help. However, for others of us, things are a little more complicated. You can lament the loss of a parent long before he passes away if your father wasn’t truly in the picture or if your family life didn’t fit the typical description. In any case, losing a father is difficult. It brings out sentiments we didn’t even realize we had, and the grieving process can be lengthy. Allow yourself enough time and patience to feel whatever comes to the surface during this period. Use a diary to process your loved one’s memories, any regrets, and any lingering anger or resentment. Meditating on any of these quotations will help you pay tribute to your father’s memories and impact on your life. Family and friends will be the most crucial element of the healing process during this time. Lean on your friends and family for support, and allow them look after you. Each day will become easier, and you will realize that you are carrying on your father’s memory and legacy in the way you love and care for others.

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