Abdi finally found his lost mom

There are several incredible tales of moms risking their lives or lifting impossibly heavy weights to save their children. Headlines of women rescuing and defending their kids in the most terrifying situations are prevalent. Heroes serve as protectors, as seen by the reasons given by survey participants on why their mothers are their role models. A typical reaction is “My mother protected me from neighbourhood bullies” or “My mother kept me safe from predators.” Rebecca M. Fischer, a student researcher at the University of Richmond, examined the psychological underpinnings of motherhood and discovered that mothers are “biologically driven to protect, care for, and inspire their children to succeed.” Mothers tend to pass down intelligence more so than fathers. Mothers typically have a strong commitment to imparting wisdom to their offspring in addition to this genetic transmission. The most significant things in life—love, integrity, character, and honesty—are immaterial and cannot be purchased, as my own mother taught me. Many of America’s most beloved heroes attribute their ability to understand basic life lessons to their mothers. And women frequently teach their kids valuable lessons about life. Life is practise, as former first lady Michelle Obama remarked: “I tell my girls this every day. You are becoming more and more who you intend to be. Do you desire dependability? Then you must be trustworthy. You must be trustworthy if you want others to believe in you.

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