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Abel Birhanu Breaking News About The War

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Shashemene City youth donate blood and run a pledge program to raise events to help with development. Finding that the injustice raised by the TPLF Fear Group was not directed against Tigrei, the mayor said that people as a whole should stick to the ENDF to complete the psychological repressive exercise of the meeting.

“By fighting the components that divide the Ethiopian people and hinder their solidarity, we will stick to the Ethiopian National Defense Force, which is an image of social influence,” he said. Likewise, the youth of the City of Shashemene have placed an unknown obstacle in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.

In a show in town, the teenager further announced the fortunes of an effective live casting of the second round of GERB. Convention members encouraged some people from the global-local space to stop interfering in Ethiopia’s internal efforts, including the construction of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERB). They also insult the urgency factor used by some western countries in Ethiopia.

Protesters noted that the GERB was an important effort in helping public authorities lift people out of need and pledged to continue their open assistance to gain recognition.

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