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Abel Birhanu Breaking News May 6, 2021

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The Oromia Police Commission said that more than 1000 individuals of the Police of the Oromia were working with OLF. Moreover, Chane said that the planning of agreement and security in the area, the unbiasedness and limit of optional authorities, and the acknowledgment of the law of political choice.

Moreover, it zeroed in on that the public authority fortifies its endeavors to ensure concordance and robustness in the country during the political choice. Leader of the Tigray Democratic Party, Aegawi Berhe said that his gathering is planning for the political race, particularly after the fall of the TPLF Thrant Fiesta.

“Right now, the condition is interesting and we can save the following choices.” However, the transcendence of agreement in the region is critical for us to transparently impart our sentiments, moving all over, discussing networks as introducing the assortment program, he added.

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